Get Body Focused! Get Body Fixed!
Hello you big walking mass of muscle...

Welcome to North Queensland Body Fix! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to stalk us on the internet, so we can help you take that next step towards a healthier and higher functioning you.

We are a small local business in sunny North Queensland and we welcome any body and every body to come try our Remedial Treatments with any one of our fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapists.

At NQ Bodyfix our team believe in taking a proactive stance on health and draw on our 20+ years of expierence to create a personalised and unique treatment plan catered for your needs as well as promoting a preventative lifestyle to put your body in it’s peak condition to recover from training, injuries, and every day wear and tear.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t ever had a massage or doesn’t know the reason to even have one to try Remedial Massage. We will complete a full body treatment where you can feel your own body through our hands. Yes, it does sound crazy, but it’s very common that we hear from clients who come regularly that say, “I didn’t know that was tight?!”

Please have a look around our website and learn more about the benefits of Remedial Massage and how to choose the correct therapist for your needs and likes.

Contact our wonderful staff for any further questions. We can't wait to meet you!

Get Body Focused, Get Body Fixed because Functional is the new fit!
Remedial Massage — Massage in Kirwan in Kirwan, QLD
Let our remedial massage therapists iron out the knots and kinks in your muscles. The use of modern technology in our daily lives often puts our bodies in unnatural positions—a remedial massage can help ease issues associated with this.
Sports Massage — Massage in Kirwan in Kirwan, QLD
Perform at your best after a sports massage from NQ Bodyfix. We can help you improve your performance by stretching tight muscles and releasing the build-up of tension in soft tissue caused by exercise. We can perform sports massage pre or post-event.
Dry Needling — Massage in Kirwan in Kirwan, QLD
Dry needling uses fine needles to target the myofascial trigger points in the body. This helps to release tension and disperse any knots in your muscles. Want to give it a go? Ask our therapists to add dry needling to your treatment plan!
Cupping — Massage in Kirwan in Kirwan, QLD
Cupping is more than just a wellness trend, it's based on ancient Chinese therapy that believes health problems are caused by stagnant blood and poor qi (energy) flow. Our therapists use cupping therapy to promote healing through increased blood flow.
Infant Massage Workshops — Massage in Kirwan in Kirwan, QLD
Learn how to massage your baby today. Our massage therapists will teach you how to connect with your baby while giving them a soothing massage. We offer one-on-one sessions or group workshops for up to 6 couples.
At NQ Bodyfix, we are passionate about helping our clients reach a more functional and comfortable state of being. After every treatment we want you to walk away feeling better than you came in. We also hope you're constantly learning something new about your body! Our team promotes a proactive lifestyle and will help you gain control of your aches and pains. Experience the mental and physical difference our treatment can make, book an appointment today!

Private Health Providers

Our massage therapists are HICAPS providers and we are happy to complete rebates on the spot after your treatment.